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These campaigns connect organizations with current and new supporters, while motivating and inspiring people to become involved. They offer an emotional appeal and a strong call-to-action that furthers the success of any fund-raising campaign.

Black Brothers Esteem

SFAF | Black Brothers Esteem

We worked with San Francisco AIDS Foundation to develop, shoot and edit a mini-documentary that tells the story of the Black Brothers Esteem program’s impact in the community. watch more videos African American men who are gay, bisexual and same gender loving are at a disproportionately higher risk for HIV infection. Black Brothers Esteem is […]

Jada - SAY

Social Advocates for Youth

We worked with Social Advocates for Youth to tell the story of one of their clients, who found housing and a job through their services. This mini-documentary was used in an in-person fundraising appeal, and an online giving campaign. Concept: Our filmmaking team spent 2 days with Jada, filming in a home, work and life […]


EDFC | Social Impact Investing

We partnered with Social Media Sisters to produce a scripted intro video to launch EDFC’s Social Impact Investment opportunity in Mendocino County. Concept: We partnered with Sarah Bodnar of Social Media Sisters to script and produce a short video to introduce the Economic Development and Financing Corporation’s Direct Public Offering in Mendocino County. Execution: We […]


SFAF | Client Stories

We worked with San Francisco AIDS Foundation to produce a series of fundraising videos to introduce their clients and highlight the impact of their work in the community. watch more videos Execution: We worked with San Francisco AIDS Foundation to identify strong client stories, developed each story and captured interviews and footage of their lives […]


United Way | Fundraising Video Campaign

We worked with United Way of the Bay Area to create a brand anthem video, and three mini-documentaries about Bay Area leaders championing anti-poverty work. watch more videos Concept: United Way of the Bay Area needed a series of videos for an annual gala fundraising event and online fundraising campaign. Execution: We worked with United […]

Protecting Rwandan Coffee Farmers from Climate Change

We helped Thanksgiving Coffee tell the story of how they’re working with a coffee farmer cooperative in Rwanda to buffer their farms from climate change. They’re using the video to raise funds and support for more projects like this. TrimTab’s team brings deep commitment and experience to their work. They helped us frame our story, […]

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AIDS/Lifecycle 2013 – Stories from the road

We worked with AIDS/Lifecycle to create a series of 5 videos about the 2,200 cyclists that ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles each year to raise money for HIV/AIDS treatment, research and prevention. The videos were launched through social channels during the event and shown on the closing ceremonies stage. The series is currently […]