Digisight Technologies

We worked with DigiSight to tell the story of how technology is helping doctors and patients collaborate to monitor their vision between visits.

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Concept: DigiSight Technologies had an upcoming trade show where they would be demonstrating their mobile app, and needed a series of videos to help them show how their SightBook app is helping doctors and patients collaborate to monitor their vision.  We produced three videos to help them share these stories.

Execution: We worked with DigiSight’s marketing team to identify and pre-interview several doctors and patients with stories that exemplified the success of the SightBook app. We traveled to medical locations and captured the video series over 2 days in a crew of 3: Story Producer, Filmmaker and Production Assistant. The result is a strong social video series that DigiSight is using to tell the story of how their technology is changing how medicine is practiced for the better.


About Mischa Hedges

Mischa is a co-founder of TrimTab Media. He believes that values-driven businesses and nonprofit organizations can use storytelling and transparency to help develop genuine, human relationships with their customers and supporters.

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