Our Approach

We create online video content that strategically meets your marketing objectives while remaining true to our philosophy of authentic, documentary storytelling. Effective online video campaigns must be created with specific audiences in mind, and provide those audiences with a regular stream of content to keep them interested and engaged.

We realize that approaching the production of video content can be foreign to some. The figure below gives a basic overview of our process from concept to distribution.

Our Approach - Creating Social Video Campaigns

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Discovery Meeting: In collaboration with your team, we determine how telling your authentic stories using online video can powerfully build and strengthen your current customer relationships and expand your market share.

Proposal: We present a proposal, creative strategy, recommended scope of work and preliminary budget for a documentary-style online video campaign that tells your story effectively.

Creative Development: In continued collaboration, we expand strong story ideas and concepts to specifically identify actual people, practices and/or products to be featured in the video campaign.

Prep and Production: We complete all final preparation for shooting. We then travel to agreed upon locations to shoot documentary-style footage with minimal disruption to your schedule and workplace. We’re there to tell the story of what you do, not to fabricate stories.

Editing and Feedback: We edit each video and provide opportunities for you to give two rounds of feedback, revise as necessary, and optimize videos for distribution.

Distribution and Metrics: We upload your campaign to several video platforms, and collaborate with your team to distribute it to micro-targeted audiences.  We use social media, blogs, email marketing, presentations, conferences and events to increase the reach of your campaign, and report on its success by providing relevant metrics.