Our Approach

Our Approach

We create story content that strategically meets your marketing objectives while remaining true to our philosophy of authentic, documentary storytelling. Effective story campaigns must be created with specific audiences in mind, and provide those audiences with a regular stream of content to keep them interested and engaged.

The graphic below gives a basic overview of our process from concept to distribution.

Our Approach

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Discovery Session: Together, we determine how telling your stories can build and strengthen relationships with your customers + supporters. Then, we identify an approach that meets your needs and your budget.

Strategy Development: We develop and present a creative strategy, scope of work and budget for telling your stories and distributing them using your organization’s communications channels.

Creative Development: In continued collaboration, we expand story ideas to identify the people, practices and products or services that will be featured in your story campaign.
We conduct pre-interviews and schedule production dates for phototography and video shoots.

Story Production: Our team of writers, filmmakers and and photographers capture the necessary interviews, photos and/or video tell your story. We work quickly and efficiently to capture your stories, with minimal disruption to your workplace.

Editing and Feedback: We edit each story and provide opportunities for you to give two rounds of feedback. We finish your stories and send you a link for final approval.

Optimization and Delivery: We format your stories for your blog, website,  email and social media channels and collaborate with your team to distribute it strategically. We report on your campaign’s success and provide guidance for continued use of your new story content.

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